Wedding Invitation Postal Tubes


These wedding invitation tubes, available in Gold, Silver, White and Black are made to protect your invitation scroll while it is in the post. The narrower 38mm (1.5") diameter means that your wedding scroll tubes will pass easily through the vast majority of letterboxes. They can also be used as Party Invitation Tubes For Christenings, Birthday Parties or as Retirement Party tubes Or Anniversary Party Invitation tubes.

These wedding tubes are available for both A5 and A4 sized invitations.

These products are also frequently referred to as - Wedding Tubes, Scroll Tubes, Invitation Tubes and Invite Tubes.

All of our Wedding Tubes and Cores are manufactured in in the United Kingdom, from recycled and recyclable materials. As a UK manufactured product our Postal Tubes do not clock up environmentally damaging product miles as a result of being imported from overseas and have a much smaller carbon footprint than those from many of our competitors.

These invitation scroll tubes are available in black, white, silver and gold.


Wedding Invitation Tubes - 1.5" (38mm) Diameter