PIP Boxes (Pricing in Proportion Boxes)


PIP Boxes
Defenda PiP boxes (pricing in proportion boxes) are designed to help you save money while posting, as they allow your item to qualify as a Large Letter under Royal Mail's Pricing In Proportion (PiP) guidelines and not as a Small Packet. This is considerably cheaper and can help you save a considerable amount of money, especially if you are posting in bulk. Check our list of boxes below and save!

Large Letter PiP Boxes

These Large Letter PiP Boxes (aka Large Letter Boxes) are designed to give your products maximum protection, while allowing you to send them out as large letters under Royal Mail's Pricing in Proportion guidelines, saving you money and saving your customers money on postage. See our full range of Royal Mail Large Letter Boxes below:

PIP Pricing in Proportion Postal Guides

PIP Pricing in Proportion Postal Guides

Small Parcel PiP Boxes

Small Parcel Boxes are also known to as:

  • Small Parcel Pricing in Proportion Boxes
  • Small Packet Boxes
  • Parcel PiP Boxes. 


Medium Parcel PiP Boxes

Royal Mail Medium Parcels PiP Postal Box - (608mm x 460mm x 460mm) 23.9
This box is the largest size allowed as a Medium Parcel by Royal Mail Pricing In Proportion Guidelines.

External Dimensions - (608mm x 460mm x 460mm) 23.9" x 18.1" x 18.2" (appx)

Internal Dimensions - (605mm x 450mm x 454mm) 23.8" x 17.7" x 17.8" (appx)

This is a Royal Mail Medium Parcel Qualifying Postal Box.