Long Cardboard Postal Boxes


Long Boxes for Posting and Storage

With a varied selection of sizes and styles of long postal boxes stocked in our warehouse, Defendapack can quickly and cheaply help you find the perfect packaging for even the most unusually shaped products!

We manufacture and stock long cardboard postal boxes for all your packaging needs. They are available in either single or double wall, depending on the weight of your product and can be used for transporting long items such as, plants, saplings, golf clubs, fishing rods, cricket bats, snooker cues and anything else that is awkward and long. Our long postal boxes are the solution to your problems!

See our selection of long postal boxes below. If nothing meets your requirements, you can always order a custom-made long box, manufactured to your exact specifications.


DCPLANTBOX - Height = 800mm (31.5
Long Boxes - Potted Plant Box Pyramidal Box For Saplings & Other Tall Plants.
DW3010 - (254mm x 254mm x 762mm) 10
 254x254x762mm 10x10x30 inches DOUBLE WALL Long Box
DC8437W - (195mm x 100mm x 932mm) 7.7
Golf Club Or Fishing Rod Boxes Size: 195x100x932mm 7.7x3.9x36.7" Long White Postal Boxes also good for junior golf clubs and cricket bats.
SW4447 - (114mm x 114mm x 1200mm) 4.5
 (114mm x 114mm x 1200mm) appx 4.5" x 4.5" x 47" inches SINGLE WALL Long Boxes
SWOL5566 - (152mm x 152mm x 1397mm) 6
Long Box. Ideal For Fishing Rods, Golf Clubs Etc.

FOL3144 - (800mm x 114mm x 114mm) 31.5
Box Size:  800x114x114mm (appx 31.5x4.5x4.5 inches) SINGLE WALL This Box Is Designed long products such as snooker cues