Adujustable Plastic Pallets


Protean Pallet Stak - Adjustable Plastic Pallets

Save space and the cost of your pallet stack. No import or export restrictions to the USA, Canada and many other countires, as you would face if using normal wooden pallets.

Our lightweight plastic pallets are specifically designed for use with both fork-lifts & pallet trucks, reducing manual handling problems and speeding up the movement of all sizes of loads.

These pallets support loads of up to 500kg and can easily be attached to a wide range of consignment sizes, but only weigh 400 grams each. They are water proof and perfect for protecting the underside of items you wish to lift above floor level.

Our Adjustable Plastic Pallets are environmentally friendly as they are infinitely re-usable or recyclable.

Their compact design means that a one full pallet, which is 320 pieces, the equivalent of 160 traditional pallets takes up only 80cm² of your storage space and measures only 1.45m in height. Compared to a height of over 20m for the same amount of conventional wooden pallets.

Protean Pallet Stak also provides an ideal option for weight critical consignments, such as airfreight, as they weigh considerably less then regular wooden pallets.

For more information on our adjustable plastic pallets, call us 02476 422000 or simply purchase from the link below.